Consequences of Becoming a Sedentary Individual!

A well-balanced diet (eating high-quality and healthy foods) can be almost useless if not followed with regular exercise of physical activity. We all agree that keeping active is so essential to maintain your fit status, either for your weight control.

Therefore, if you do love your overall health, regular physical activity is the core of your daily activity along with your healthy diet! The following are some keys why you need to have regular exercise:

  1. It is the practical way that can work effectively in improving your fit status and your weight control.
  2. It is so essential to help you reduce the risk of having hypertension, osteoporosis, stroke, heart disease, and other diseases latter in your life. In essence, it is great to improve your entire health in long term!
  3. It is so helpful to provide other advantages. For instances, it can help improve the way of your sleep (sleep quality boosting), improving your stress control (an active individual is less likely to have high stress than a sedentary individual), and many more.

Exercise doesn’t always mean that you have to do beyond your body’s limit. Some people think that they need to do more & more strenuous workout to lose weight fast.

Theoretically, that opinion is nothing wrong. However, getting any amount of training and workout is better than none. But in long term, most people are difficult to stick with this option. As a result, this idea may become counterproductive.

So, you don’t need to take marathon training to reach your goal. Instead, the key is moderation and regular! Just provide about 30 minutes on five days of the week for moderate exercise (such as brisk walking or other workout that you love), and this is usually all most people require.

Consequences of poor exercise

While there are plenty of health benefits and advantages from regular exercise, on the other hand leaving yourself with a sedentary individual can be so harmful for your health. The following are some consequences you need to pay if you have lack of exercise:

Your weight is out of control

When you are lazy in moving your body physically, this means that there will be less amount of calories that your burn.

And so thus you will lose control on your weight gain, particularly true if you also eat more calories (higher than your body needs). As a result, you are easier to gain weight and eventually will also be easier to become overweight.

Increasing risk of some health conditions

As mentioned before, there are lots of health problems (even serious medical health problems) that are associated with physical inactive. And once you get a certain disease due to lack of exercise, it is costly.

What are the causes of pushing people in becoming a sedentary individual?

The causes can vary, but overall there are lots of factors involved. Moreover, one factor can work together with other factors in making you to become more inactive.

In line with the development of technology, there are more factors that can reduce the level of your physical activity status. For instance, when several decades ago people got used with bicycling, today we are more likely to use practical transportation that makes us move minimally.

The environment also has an effect. If you have friends who do care on health, you tend to follow the same thing, and vice versa.

Time can play a key role. A study found that people who spend more time for sitting, watching TV or other sedentary activities are more likely to get death earlier than people who have more physical activities.

In general, the human body is designed to get plenty of physical activity a day. Therefore, if you have a lack of physical activity (lower than what your body needs), this can reduce the time of how long you will live. So, make sure to have a regular exercise for your better future!

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Going with a Realist Goal of Exercise Is the KEY

For some, exercise is a part of their life. But others, it is only a part of momentary or if there is a goal that can be achieved through exercise such as for weight loss.

Whatever your goal, it’s much better if we have perception that we do it for our health in long term. In other words, make it as a way of life.

If you are difficult to have a regular exercise, the following are the most important keys you need to follow – just my 2 cents ‘my personal opinion’.

Find your goal wisely!

Some people talk too over when talking about exercise. As a result, they set unrealistic goal such as doing cardio exercise beyond their body limit.

Actually, there is nothing wrong it you have a great target from your workout. The problem is when your goal is too far away from the ability of your body.

This can push you to the cycle of doing exercise without fun. And if you cannot enjoy it, you are more likely to not do your workout regularly.

I think the best idea is by making a realistic goal and then gradually increase it as well as adjustments and respond of your body to the exercise.

Love your health

Again, make sure to put the goal of having healthy body ‘overall health’ at your priority concern.

When you do everything is just because you do love your health, you are more likely to choose and do the safely and appropriate steps. As a result you can control yourself in avoiding a crash diet, excessive exercises, or other ineffective or harmful steps.

Exercise – how important is it for your health?

The tag of ‘exercise’ is very familiar when it comes to discussing lots of things associated with health. Experts or even most of all agree that it can help promote a wellbeing and overall health, either in short term or in long term.

For instance, it is good for the improvement of tri-angle cores of your health (blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol). Many studies found that people who take exercise regularly are at lower risks of many health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and many more.

It seems that exercise is not only just moving the body. To get the most benefit and advantage, you need to do it regularly!

Unfortunately, not all people realize the major goal of their exercise is for their health. Many times, the goal of exercise is not for health. In fact, the urge of working out is often based on to have a good muscles for a good looking or to have a good shape (weight loss).

Actually, there is nothing wrong if you do want to always to have a good looking. But it can be better if your health is the priority than anything.
When you do love your health, you will do the exercise with fun – you can enjoy it. Furthermore, you are also more likely to stick with a well-balanced diet without feeling ‘forced’. As a result, the best shape of the body and other lots of benefits you will get automatically.

Do you agree with me? Lol …. Anyone can have a different opinion, but overall hopefully most people will agree with me.